Breaking Prophecy News; The Seven Last Plagues, Part 5 (The Prophet Daniel’s Report #625)

PROPHECY HEADLINES: Trump promises to deal with North Korea | Chinese Christians hospitalized after fighting government trying to install cameras in churches | Japan considers pre-emptive strike against North Korea

PROPHECY BOOTCAMP: Our topic for today is titled “The Seven Last Plagues (Part 5)” from Dr. Ed Hindson’s book “Revelation: Unlocking the Future.”

The narration moves on again as John says, “After these things I looked.” Each time John uses this phrase, he indicates a sequential progression to the next event. As John watched, the temple of heaven was opened just as it was in Revelation 11:19. There the temple was opened to reveal the Ark of the Covenant. Here it is opened to allow the seven angels to exit from the presence of God. Thomas notes, “Both passages tell of the source of the last plagues, with this one being a further development of the former.”

The reference to the “tabernacle of testimony” refers to the place where the tablets of the Law were kept. These angels leave God’s presence because the Law has been violated. And they leave with the “seven plagues.” They already have the authority to dispense judgment; they need only to be given the means to do it.

OCCUPY UNTIL I COME: “Occupy Until I Come!” (Part 16) based on the parable of the nobleman who went away and left talents for his servants to use in his absence. J.C. Ryle writes:

Do not forget this charge to “occupy!” Beware of an idle, talking, gossiping, sentimental, do-nothing religion. Think not because your doings cannot justify you, or put away one single sin — that therefore it matters not whether you do anything at all. Away with such a delusion! Cast it behind you as an invention of the devil. Think of the house built upon the sand, and its miserable end. As ever you would “make your calling and election sure,” be a doing Christian.


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