Breaking Prophecy News; War in Heaven? Part 8 (The Prophet Daniel’s Report #603)

PROPHECY HEADLINES: U.S. fires 2 ICBMs in warning to Russia, China, and N. Korea | al-Qaeda quietly making a comeback | Israel: Iran building ‘sleeper’ terror cells

PROPHECY BOOTCAMP: Our topic for today is titled “War in Heaven? Part 8” from Dr. Ed Hindson’s book “Revelation: Unlocking the Future.”

— Key Players: Michael, the archangel

In this spectacular section of the prophecy, we are told that Michael and his angels will cast Satan out of heaven. Lucifer (Satan) has already “fallen” from his lofty position, but he still has access to the throne of God. But now Satan is permanently cast out of heaven forever. He becomes angry because he realizes “he has only a short time”, so he vents his anger on the woman (Israel), who had given birth to the child.

Again, one’s interpretation of this passage affects his or her view of the entire book. If the casting out of Satan is viewed as a past event, then it must coincide with his fall after Creation or his defeat by the death and resurrection of Christ. If it is viewed as a future event, then it must happen during the Great Tribulation. In favor of the future viewpoint is the fact that the time Satan is on earth after being cast out is three and one-half years. This also correlates with the 1,260 days the woman (Israel) is persecuted and driven into the wilderness.

OCCUPY TILL I COME: We are continuing our journey through the book, “Coming Events and Present Duties,” by J.C. Ryle. This section is titled, “Watch” (Part 38) based on the parable of the foolish and wise virgins in Matthew 25:1-13. J.C. Ryle writes:

My second word of application shall be an invitation. I address it to everyone who feels in his conscience that he has no grace in his heart — to everyone who feels that the character of the foolish virgins is his own. To every such person, I give an invitation this day, in my Master’s name. I invite you “to awake and flee to Christ.”


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