Breaking Prophecy News; War in Heaven? Part 7 (The Prophet Daniel’s Report #602)

PROPHECY HEADLINES: U.S. warns Russia against selling weapons to Iran | ISIS deepening its reach across Libya, rest of Africa | N. Korea deploys ICBM that can reach U.S.

PROPHECY BOOTCAMP: Our topic for today is titled “War in Heaven? Part 7” from Dr. Ed Hindson’s book “Revelation: Unlocking the Future.”

— Key Players: Male child — Jesus Christ

The “male child” who was destined to “rule all the nations” is Jesus Christ. He is the Messiah, the Promised One of the Father. His being “caught up” refers to His ascension back into heaven. The Greek verb meaning “caught up” is also used of Philip being “snatched away” after dealing with the Ethiopian eunuch, of Paul being “caught up” into the third heaven, and of the Rapture of the Church itself.

The imagery for the “male child” is taken from Psalm 2, where the messianic Son receives the nations for His inheritance from the Father. He is pictured there as the Lord’s “Anointed”. He is the King whom God will set on Zion. God says of Him: “Thou art My Son, Today I have begotten thee. Ask of Me, and I shall give the nations as thine inheritance…. Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron.”

OCCUPY TILL I COME: We are continuing our journey through the book, “Coming Events and Present Duties,” by J.C. Ryle. This section is titled, “Watch” (Part 37) based on the parable of the foolish and wise virgins in Matthew 25:1-13. J.C. Ryle writes:

I want to disqualify no man for usefulness upon earth. I require no man to become a hermit, and cease to serve his generation. I call on no man to leave his lawful calling, and neglect his earthly affairs. But I do call on everyone to live like one who expects Christ to return — to live soberly, righteously, and godly in this present world — to live like a pilgrim and a stranger, ever looking unto Jesus — to live like a good servant, with his loins girded, and his lamp burning — to live like one whose treasure is in Heaven, with his heart packed up and ready to be gone! This is readiness. This is preparation. And is this too much to ask? I say unhesitatingly that it is not.

Are you ready in this way? If not, I would like to know what good your religion does you. What is it all, but a burdensome form? What is it, but a mere temporary cloak that will not wear beyond this world? Truly a religion that does not make a man ready for everything — for death, for judgment, for the second advent, for the resurrection — such a religion may well be looked on with suspicion. If your religion does not make you ready for anything — the sooner it is changed, the better!


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