Breaking Prophecy News; War in Heaven? Part 2 (The Prophet Daniel’s Report #597)

PROPHECY HEADLINES: U.S. vows ‘serious consequences’ after N. Korean missile test | Hamas calls on activists to carry out suicide bombings on Israeli buses | Iran says it will continue developing long-range missiles

PROPHECY BOOTCAMP: Our topic for today is titled “War in Heaven? Part 2” from Dr. Ed Hindson’s book “Revelation: Unlocking the Future.”

It is clear that we have here something new and different. The style of the narration changes drastically. We suddenly move behind the scenes to see the “secret maneuvers that lie behind the visible conflict.” It is obvious the author intends to define the players in his apocalyptic pageant. The lifelong struggle between God and Satan that has gone on for centuries comes to its ultimate climax with “war in heaven”.

OCCUPY TILL I COME: We are continuing our journey through the book, “Coming Events and Present Duties,” by J.C. Ryle. This section is titled, “Watch” (Part 32) based on the parable of the foolish and wise virgins in Matthew 25:1-13. J.C. Ryle writes:

The second Eden shall be far better than the first. In the first Eden, the door was not shut; our joy was but for a moment. But, blessed be God, in the second Eden, the Lord shall “shut us in.”

And as the godly shall enjoy a freedom from all evil in the day of Christ’s appearing — so shall they also enjoy the presence of all good. They shall go in with the Bridegroom to the marriage. They shall be forever in the company of Christ, to go out no more.


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