Breaking Prophecy News; Our Lord’s Outline of Prophecy, Part 8 (The Prophet Daniel’s Report #423)

PROPHECY HEADLINES: Israel says Syria is responsible for fire coming from its side of border | Italian PM to push for United States of Europe | Kerry promises US support if Iraq unites against ISIS | Iran, Russia finalize plans to build nuclear power plants | 3 earthquakes strikes New Zealand

PROPHECY BOOTCAMP: “Our Lord’s Outline of Prophecy (Part 8)” from Dr. Tim LaHaye

After Christ comes to receive His own, the Tribulation begins here on earth or at least that portion of the Tribulation covered in Revelation 6 and 7, after the world leader makes a covenant with Israel for seven years yet breaks it after three-and-a-half years). During the Tribulation, believers will experience difficult days of opposition, false Christs, and lawlessness. But the gospel of the kingdom will be preached around the world, probably by the 144,000 Jewish witnesses of Revelation 7, who will reach “a great multitude which no one can number, of all nations, tribes, peoples, and tongues.”

Matthew 24:15 mentions the “abomination of desolation,” or the Antichrist’s desecration of the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem. The fact that he will desecrate it tells us the temple will have to be rebuilt either before or during the first few years of the Tribulation. That desecration triggers what our Lord called the “great tribulation,” which will be the worst time in the history of the world for Christians who refuse to bow down and worship “the beast,” or the one-world government leader called Antichrist.

The seven-year Tribulation will culminate with the coming of Christ in power to establish His kingdom on earth — which we have yet to study. The important message of our Lord to everyone here, and especially the church, is to live a holy life and be ready for whenever He comes so that we will not have any regrets when we face Him. Jesus said, “Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.” He also said, “Occupy till I come.”

OCCUPY TILL I COME: Spiritual Warfare (Part 2) by Adrian Rogers

MUSICAL SELECTION: “The King is Coming” by Newsboys


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