Breaking Prophecy News; Not Really So Obscure, Part 8 (The Prophet Daniel’s Report #415)

PROPHECY HEADLINES: ISIL rebels seize more ground in Iraq in lightning advance | Japan protests another close flight incident involving Chinese military planes | 74 school shootings in U.S. since Sandy Hook; 1 per week, some reports say | Turkey threatens to retaliate if citizens held in Mosul are harmed | Egyptian troops sent to border with Israel amid fears of jihadist attacks on Israeli planes

PROPHECY BOOTCAMP: “Not Really So Obscure (Part 8)” from Dr. Tim LaHaye

The church should not expect to go through the Tribulation, although the Jewish people should. They have yet to live through the seven years of Daniel’s seventieth week, and these years will be fulfilled during that time of wrath called “the time of Jacob’s trouble.” Unsaved Gentiles will also go through the Tribulation their unbelief will prevent them from being raptured.

By contrast, we who are Christians are not looking for that time of wrath. We are looking for the coming of our Lord, and we should so live that if He raptures His church at a time that we don’t expect, we will be ready. And certainly every unsaved person who has heard the gospel and understands it should call on the name of the Lord for salvation, lest the rapture come unexpectedly and he be left behind.

More important than any other question on Bible prophecy is this: If Christ were to come today to rapture His church, would you be among those who are caught up with Him in the air? If not, you can make yourself ready by personally inviting Christ into your heart by faith.

OCCUPY TILL I COME: Gaining Hope from Bible Prophecy (Part 12) by Dr. David Reagan.

MUSICAL SELECTION: “The King is Coming” by Newsboys


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