Breaking Prophecy News; Christians Will be Saved from the Wrath, Part 4 (The Prophet Daniel’s Report #406)

PROPHECY HEADLINES: Russia forms trading bloc with ex-Soviet states to challenge U.S., EU, and China; Putin denies it is a new USSR | Israel concerned over rise of neo-Nazi, neo-fascist parties in Europe after EU elections | Islamist militants in Libya warn U.S. not to interfere in war | Undersea earthquake shakes Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico | Salmonella outbreak widens in U.S.; 574 sick

PROPHECY BOOTCAMP: “Christians Will be Saved from the Wrath (Part 4)” from Dr. Tim LaHaye

Here is something important to consider: According to Scripture, the rapture phase of Christ’s coming for His church will be sudden and unexpected. Except for those who look for Him and are ready at His coming (in other words, are spiritually prepared for Him), Christ’s coming will catch people unprepared — after all, we do not know the hour of His coming, and Christ will come “as a thief in the night.” If the Lord were coming for His church after the Tribulation, then His coming could not ber unexpected “as a thief in the night.”

If we who are Christians have to go through the Tribulation before Christ comes, then the timing of Christ’s coming will no longer be a surprise. If the post-tribulationist view is right, Christ will come exactly seven years from the time the Antichrist signs the covenant with Israel, or as Revelation 13 states it, two periods of 42 months. What would be surprising about that?

What’s more, for believers to go through the Tribulation before Christ comes to receive them to Himself is hardly “the blessed hope” that Paul challenges Christians to look forward to. Can you imagine challenging Christians to look forward to the coming of Christ and then adding, “Oh, by the way, before He comes, you must suffer the horrors of the Tribulation period”!

OCCUPY TILL I COME: Gaining Hope from Bible Prophecy (Part 3) by Dr. David Reagan.

MUSICAL SELECTION: “Jesus is Coming Back” by the Mighty Clouds of Joy


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