Breaking Prophecy News; Why Studying Bible Prophecy is So Important, Part 8 (The Prophet Daniel’s Report #400)

PROPHECY HEADLINES: al-Sisi says Israel is in danger without Egypt’s army in Sinai Peninsula | Scientists say Bay Area of California is likely to be struck by earthquake cluster | U.S. moves military forces closer to Libya as unrest grows | Palestinian sources say Pope Francis will ‘recognize Palestine, call for an end to occupation’ | NATO demands that Russia carryout Putin’s alleged order to remove troops from Ukraine

PROPHECY BOOTCAMP: “Why Studying Bible Prophecy is So Important (Part 8)” from Dr. Tim LaHaye

Fulfilled Prophecy Credentials the Second Coming of Christ

From the earliest days of Christianity, Christians have always believed Jesus Christ would come again. He and His apostles, who wrote the New Testament, promised He would — 321 times. That is probably why every church council that has produced a doctrinal statement or edict during the last 2,000 years has included a statement about the promise of His second coming.

We may not agree as to the timing of Christ’s return or some of the details God provides about that event, but from the first century on, through the Roman period, the Protestant reformation, up to the present day, Christians have unanimously believed He is coming again. In fact, we can say His second coming is three times as certain as was His first coming. His first appearance on earth is a fact of history that fulfilled 109 messianic prophecies. If there are almost three times as many Bible prophecies foretelling Christ’s second coming, then we can conclude His second coming is three times as certain to occur as was His first. For as we have seen, fulfilled prophecy credentials or guarantees His return.

OCCUPY TILL I COME: Serving God in the Last Days — 1 Peter 4 (Part 13) from David Guzik’s Commentary on the Bible

MUSICAL SELECTION: “Jesus is Coming Back” by the Mighty Clouds of Joy


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