Breaking Prophecy News; The Rapture Before the Tribulation? Part 1 (The Prophet Daniel’s Report #379)


PROPHECY HEADLINES: Ukraine battles pro-Russian militants in East; Russia re-ups war games along border | 6.7-magnitude earthquake hits near Vancouver Island | Russia to sell top fighter jets to Egypt; purchase financed by Saudis and UAE

PROPHECY BOOTCAMP: “The Rapture Before the Tribulation?” (Part 1) from Dr. Tim LaHaye

Will the rapture of the church occur before the Tribulation period begins? This question has generated more than its share of heat and not enough light from the Scriptures. Many Christians differ on this subject, which indicates that while Scripture is very clear on the fact that Christ will come again, it is not as clear on whether He will come for His church before, in the middle of, or at the end of the Tribulation.

There are various scriptures used by Christians to support the three major views. You should know your view and be prepared to defend it, but you should not be dogmatic to the point of breaking fellowship with anyone who does not agree with you.

The pretribulational view teaches that Christ will come in the air, resurrect those who died in Christ during the church age, and rapture His church up to be with Him before the Tribulation begins, thus saving believers from “the hour of trial which shall come upon the whole earth.” The world will then go through seven years of tribulation, and then Christ will finish His coming by descending in power and great glory to the earth to set up His millennial kingdom.

OCCUPY TILL I COME: “Can We Hasten the Coming of the Lord?” (Part 2) from Dr. Adrian Rogers?

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