Lebanese army increases activities; Terrorism threats on the rise in Europe (Second Coming Watch Update #338)

1. According to the Jerusalem Post, the Lebanese Armed Forces and United Nations troops have increased their observation activities on the Israel-Lebanon border. The increased activity came a day after the Israeli Air Force shot down a drone that flew south from Lebanon over the Mediterranean Sea about eight kilometers off the coast of Haifa. Hezbollah, who had a drone shot down by the IAF in the Negev in October, denied having sent an unmanned aerial vehicle to Israel on Thursday. According to Friday’s Lebanese report, IDF troops along the Lebanese border were on high alert as well and flyovers by Israeli military planes were reported in southern Lebanon.

2. According to Reuters, the terrorism threat in Europe remains elevated, with a quarter more attacks in the European Union in 2012 than in the previous year. The annual terrorism report published by Europe’s crime-fighting agency, coming less than two weeks after the bombings in Boston, identified 219 completed or failed attacks in 2012 in EU-member states, the majority in France and Spain. That was a rise of 26 percent over 2011, when 174 such attacks were reported. Europol defines a “terrorist” offence as an intentional act which may seriously damage a country or international organization when committed to intimidate a population, compel a government to act, or destabilize political, economic or social structures.

3. According to Reuters, Chinese authorities discovered the first case of a new strain of bird flu in the eastern province of the country, signaling the spread of the virus which has killed 23 people in China. Health authorities said a 65-year-old man had tested positive for the virus. Thirty-seven people who had been in close contact with the man had not shown symptoms of the flu. Chinese scientists confirmed that chickens had transmitted the flu to humans.

4. According to The Times of Israel, assessments that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard forces are behind the launch of the drone into Israeli airspace are gaining momentum among Israel’s political and security leaders. A report indicated that Iranian forces operate on Lebanese soil to aid Hezbollah’s drone capabilities, as well as provide support to the Assad regime. Meanwhile, Washington requested that Israel show restraint to the violation of its airspace.

5. According to Reuters, Israeli soldiers fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse about 500 Palestinian villagers marching toward a Jewish settlement outpost in the occupied West Bank. The procession, the largest of its kind for years, followed charges by Palestinians that the Israeli settlers had attacked them twice this week. Around half a million settlers have moved to the West Bank and East Jerusalem since Israel captured the area, along with the Gaza Strip, in the 1967 Middle East War. Palestinians want the settlements gone from what they see as their future state.

Jesus Christ said in Luke 9:26: “For whoever is ashamed of Me and My words, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when He comes in His glory and that of the Father and the holy angels.”

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