After Netanyahu’s speech at the UN, Israelis say there will probably not be a war this year (Second Coming Watch Update #241)


After Netanyahu’s speech at the UN, Israelis say there will probably not be a war this year. According to Reuters, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s U.N. speech about Iranian nuclear advances has dampened speculation in Israel that he could order a war this year. Analyzing the address in which Netanyahu literally drew a “red line” on a drawing of a bomb to show how close Iran was to building nuclear weaponry, commentators saw his deadline for any military action falling in early or mid-2013, well after U.S. elections in November and a possible snap Israeli poll. Without explicitly saying so, Netanyahu implied Israel would attack Iran’s uranium enrichment facilities if they were allowed to process potential weapons-grade material beyond his red line.

Spain is being affected by ‘biblical’ drought. According to Reuters, olive oil producers in Spain are facing a drought that could shrivel this year’s harvest to half of last year’s. The drought has caused food prices to spike with consumers expecting to pay more in coming months as supermarkets raise prices. Nuñez de Prado said, “It’s been a drought of biblical proportions, the worst since 1945, the ‘year of hunger’ for Spain.” A lean harvest will be another blow for Spain, the euro zone’s fourth largest economy, which replaced Greece, Ireland and Portugal earlier this year as the main threat to the survival of the euro currency.

Iran vows its enemies will not survive a war. According to The Associated Press, an Iranian general has said that his country’s enemies will not survive if they attack Iran’s nuclear sites. A report by the semiofficial ISNA news agency quotes Gen. Far-zad Es-ma-ili, the chief of air defense, as saying “we vow our enemies will not survive,” if they attack Iran’s nuclear sites. The nuclear sites are a symbol of pride for Iran, and he said, “we will defend our dignity with our lives and blood.”

The Bible says in Mark 13:7: “And when ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars, be ye not troubled: for such things must needs be; but the end shall not be yet.”

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